The Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation

ACAHF homepage screenshot

Project overview

ACAHF is a nonprofit organisation that brings together researchers, scientists and veterinarians to help find cures for animals. They do this through funding research projects, educating the public about pet health issues such as vaccines and spaying or neutering their pets.

Intuitive IT helped the ACAHF by doing the following:

  • Build a brand new website
  • Digitised their Grant Application form from PDF to online form
  • Research Case studies which were funded by ACAHF


Responsive design

Mobile-first design

We've been designing websites for over 13 years and have learned that the best way to design a responsive website is with mobile-friendly navigation.

We know how frustrating it can be when sites just don't work on smaller screens, which means you've left scrolling or using some other inelegant solution every time your screen size changes.

We make sure our designs are as functional as possible by simplifying menus so they load quickly - even if wi-fi isn't available!

Single column layout

A single-column layout was introduced to make the site more readable. Browsing a website on your phone can be difficult when it has multiple columns across the screen; but by using one long, scrolling page with all of our content in an easy-to-read format, we have made browsing easier no matter where you are coming from or what device you're viewing the site on!

Large imagery

We had to find ways of optimising the images so that they could be seen and accessed on all devices.

We were careful with our choices in imagery, looking for things like large text or solid colours which would help us meet this goal.

Digitised their Grant Application form

As part of the build, we have recently released an online form for the grant application process. This is a huge step forward in making it easier to apply and also less time consuming as it can now be done on your phone or tablet!

We've worked hard to make applying for grants into something that doesn't take up so much of your valuable free time, but rather only takes seconds instead! The PDF version was tedious compared with this new way where you just fill out the required information, then click submit - voila! You're finished... no more waiting writing, scanning and emailing!

Can you increase the satisfaction of your visitors?

Yes, yes you can with an Intuitive IT built website