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What is an intranet?

An intranet is a protected website only available to you and your fellow work colleagues.  It’s a great place to share company updates, useful links and key documents and templates.

An intranet should do away with emailing documents and company-wide alerts.  It provides a central location for all your company’s information.

Intuitive IT - Intranet usage
Intuitive IT - use a website from any device

Is an intranet another website?

A public-facing website has a marketing component. An intranet allows your team to get key information anywhere they have a browser. That could be from a mobile device, their laptop or tablet.

People visit an intranet to get key information quickly. That’s why good search and good structure is the most important aspect.

Further features of an intranet

Depending on the technology, an intranet could:

  • replace your shared drives in the business
  • push or pull files and information to your public website or mobile app.
  • house custom built calculators to help simplify complex tasks used in your business.
  • ensure staff have ready policies and procedures
  • show staff's whereabouts
  • share confidential information with select staff members
Intuitive IT - research and information gathering
Intuitive IT intranets

Can an intranet help your business?