A website built for recruitment with social media integrations

Project overview

The TalentConnection website highlights the functionality Intuitive IT can provide to the recruitment industry.

The functionality built for this DNN website covers the following key features needed in Executive Search and recruitment:

  • Ability to add job advertisements
  • Accept applications from candidates
  • Tweet and post to LinkedIn when new jobs are added
  • Show previously filled positions

In addition to the recruitment features, the site also has functionality like image sliders and contact forms that do not expose email addresses.

Job Management Module

This custom built DNN module allows the TalentConnection staff to easily add jobs to the website without the need for technical IT expertise.

Once a job is added, the advertisment becomes live with an easy to use application form. The form allows for the candidate to upload a cover letter and resume straight from the site.

If the candidate doesn't have a cover letter prepared, they can choose to write one directly on the site.

The application with the cover letter and attachments are securely emailed directly to the recruiter filling the position.

LinkedIn integration

To help with the busy workload of the recruiters, Intuitive IT developed functionality that could save them time when trying to get the word out about a new position.

Once a job was posted to the website, our module would post the job to each and every TalentConnection staff members' LinkedIn profiles. Using an array of templates, one of which was randomly selected was added to the post along with a link back to the job ad itself.

The use of the staff's LinkedIn networks would create a greater spread of interest across all their networks. Where the networks overlapped, the LinkedIn user would see that 'people in your network are talking about' the said job.

In addition to the LinkedIn integration, using the same module, we could also post to TalentConnection's twitter account for even more exposure.

All connections to the social media networks were initiated under best practice security using OAuth2.

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