Auto Workplace Assist

A responsive website built in DNN with credit card payments and scheduled billing

Project overview

The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) supports its members in many ways. A key concept is supporting small businesses with documents around vehicles but also business governance.

That is the idea behind Auto Workplace Assist (AWA). AWA provides a library of documents to help with compliance, human resources, operations, safety and other aspects required to run an automotive business.

Intuitive IT built a website that allowed the VACC to:

  • Purchase templates and other documents from the site
  • Provide secure access to those purchased documents
  • Allow users to upload and store existing documents to the site
  • Automatically bill a yearly fee for storage
  • Authenticate against a 3rd party service to keep user credentials consistent across VACC websites

Scheduled Billing

A key part of the solution was to bill users a fee for the storage on the site. This requires storing credit card details in a secure manner and use this information on the user's anniversary.

Using PCI Compliant payment gateway eWay, we handed over the storage of the credit cards to this trusted provider. Using their API, we would securely process the annual payment.

The scheduled task itself was written in DNN's Scheduled Task component that also included error handling for expired cards, automatic invoice generation and sending and retries on failed payments.

Assess your needs questionnaire / eCommerce

With such a wealth of documents to purchase and use on the site, it can be overwhelming on which templates you need for your business. Where do you start and what's most important?

To help with that, we built a survey to 'assess your needs'. Answering a series of yes/no questions, the system determines which templates/documents to start with.

You are then given the option to refine your selection and add those selected items to your cart.

Purchasing from that point is a 2 step process. The site accepts your credit card and then gives you immediate access to your files.

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