Online Plants Melbourne

Project overview

The team at Online Plants Melbourne (OMP) wanted an online presence for their brick & mortar nursery to expand their client base and of course, to be able to sell their plants and products.

They reached out to Intuitive IT to put together an online presence for them.

After meeting with OPM a few key features emerged:

  • Being able to find products easily via good navigation was important.
  • Good categorisation helped with this as well as adding the common name along with each plant's scientific name. This ensured to reach new and established gardeners.
  • A blog for the site so they could continually communicate with their community and help Search engine results
  • Ensure an easy to make purchases on mobile devices
  • MailChimp newsletter sign up integration

There were lots of products to import, so we needed an easy way to populate the store with all their products. See below for more information on this.

As this was a new project, they didn't have a domain name either. We did some research on their behalf on certain keywords that might help in choosing their domain.

We found that Online, Plants and Melbourne were all keys, so was born!

Data import

With over 150 products to add to the website, we needed a fast and efficient way to get them uploaded.

So we built a spreadsheet that we gave to the OPM team which populated all the key information.

Using BigCommerce's import facility we were able to get this data into the system.

Images were another issue. Each image not only needed to be uploaded but also needed to be associated with the correct plant.

Again, using a CSV we were able to provide a template to OPM which matched their images to the plants and we used the BigCommerce API to quickly get the images uploaded and visible on the site.

Customisation of BigCommerce Theme

Our web designer worked with the OPM team on the look and feel of the site. There was a BigCommerce theme they liked the look of but didn't have everything they needed. No problem!

We were able to customise that theme to give the OPM the site they wanted.

As part of the theme customisation, we also

  • integrated MailChimp newsletter signup into the site
  • allowed for a One-page checkout which limits cart abandonment.

With all the changes, we also ensured that the site remained responsive

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