MK Nordika

A responsive website built in WordPress + Woo Commerce for high quality apparel

Project overview

MK Nordika imports high-quality Scandinavian rainwear into Australia. Their previous website, built in Joomla was outdated both in look and functionality and lacked mobile support.

Intuitive IT rebuilt their website from the ground up. Using WordPress and WooCommerce, we built a stylish and responsive website that is only matched by the products.

Responsive design

Using the power of WooCommerce, Intuitive IT designers were able to build a responsive product catalogue that works well on tablets, mobile and desktop devices.

Working with MK Nordika, we were able to make sure key information was always easily accessible no matter the screen size. Functionality like sorting and filtering wasn't lost and of course, high quality images of the products worked well across the board.


The checkout process was very important to MK Nordika. The site was initially launched using PayPal as the sole method of performing transactions but building the site with WooCommerce ensured we could add other gateways easily, and that's what we did. We later added eWay payments to access credit cards before migrating to Square payments.

As well as transacting, Intuitive designers ensured the entire process, from product, to delivery was as easy as possible to complete. As each additional step increases the chance of cart-abandonment, we refined the process until it was as simple as possible.

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