TaxFitness – Web App

A modern web application built on the DNN that has disrupted the Tax Planning industry

Project overview

When Darren approached Intuitive IT about the concept of Tax Fitness, it was going to be an Excel spreadsheet. After some discussion, we said it would be better as a Website Application.

The idea was to make it easy and fast for accountants to provide tax planning strategies for their clients.

For the initial launch, we put together a wizard-driven system where the accountant would choose from a list of 200 strategies, add text and images and the web application would produce a beautifully formatted PDF ready to send to clients.

Since launch, the site has gone through 4 additional phases of enhancements producing different report types, custom colour formatting and further integrations.

A powerful and sophisticated application built with the visionary people at Tax Fitness.

Tax Optimiser

Sitting at the heart of the application is the Tax Optimiser. The accountant chooses the client and the tax strategies that are relevant to that client. Using the Tax Optimiser, the accountant then chooses which strategies apply to the members. Text and figures are added to report before the preview and final stage - the generation of the report.

The Tax Optimiser requires a lot of information to be presented to the accountant to ensure they are not constantly flicking back and forth between apps to build the report.

Hours and hours of whiteboarding and prototyping on the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design were used before we landed on the solution now present on the site.

Real time preview for report customisation

One of our proudest pieces of functionality is our report customisation screen.

Here, the accountants can choose colours which will be present in the report. These might be from their Practice's style guide or colour palette.

Once chosen, the accountant can then apply those colours to the different components of the report; tables, charts, headings, subheadings, etc.

With a simple right click, the accountant can bring up the palette, change colour and in real-time, see how their choice will affect their report.

And if the colour choices aren't right? Well, a simple click can revert the report to Tax Fitness' default colour scheme.


To help with the marketing component of Tax Fitness, EDM or bulk email services are important. Intuitive IT's service of choice is MailChimp.

Tax Fitness sends monthly newsletters to the accountants to keep them up to date with new features and functionality.

So Intuitive built a custom sync service that uses the MailChimp API. When new users register, we sync their details to MailChimp. And when a user unsubscribes, this information is synced back to Tax Fitness.

This powerful feature makes selling TaxFitness a simpler task for their digital marketing team.

Intercom Integration and Configuration

As the site grew, Darren and his team were looking for an effective way to present content and information to the users of the system.

As the training section grew and new content was added, we needed to make sure this information was presented to the users without interrupting their experience.

To help with this, we integrated Intercom into Tax Fitness. With key metrics, we were able to customise the messages a user saw as they progressed through the app.

Want to show the accountants key information to help with their first report? No problem, we can do that.

Want to show different training material to heavy users of the system? We can do that too.

Want to send an email to users that haven't logged for a week? We can do that too.

This encourages greater use of the system and once the rules are in place, they don't need to be set again.

Darren Gleeson

"If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them."

Darren Gleeson

Managing Director