The Finance Guru

A responsive website built in DNN with advanced, custom functionality

Project overview

The Finance Guru is Scott Haywood's primary lead generation site for financial advice. Scott uses the site to provide key information via calculators and surveys and promote his media appearances.

The site has integrations to Youtube and Soundcloud which brings his content to a wider audience.

He also uses his site to generate advertising revenue which he uses to generate more content and cover the cost of maintenance.

In recent years, the site was refurbished to make it responsive which increased mobile activity by 24%.

Money Expert

The money expert section of the website contains 3 custom made tools to help individuals get a handle on their finances.

The first is the super calculator. By entering your age, income and super information, your desired retirement age and other details, the calculator can tell you if you ahead, on, or behind target. The calculator uses a modified version of a compound interest formula and the results are plotted using Google Charts API.

The second is a savings goal calculator. By entering your desired goal, interest rate and payments, the tool can give you an idea of how long it will take to reach your target. This tool also uses the Google Charts API to display the results.

The third tool is the 'Financial Fit' survey, but we'll discuss that in more detail below. 


Financial Fit Survey

The survey is the brain child of Scott Haywood. Scott and Intuitive IT prototyped the survey first in Excel where we worked out the permutations and combinations of all the different answers.

The user is presented with 12 yes/no questions and using a custom formula developed by Scott, we are able to give them a score and highlight what they need to do to become more "financially fit". Using modals and landing pages, we can ensure this is highly visible to all users.

We added additional functionality so that the modal only appears once every 24 hours. We wanted to ensure we didn't overly disturb the visitors as they browsed the site.

Once filled in, the user is requested to provide their contact details and the results are sent as an email.

This ensures that Scott receives genuine contact details and therefore a lead.


With Scott appearing on Melbourne radio each weekday, the number of audio files he wanted to store and serve to his listeners grew rapidly in a short period of time.

Initially we stored the files locally but we quickly outgrew the quotas. Next we moved the files to an Amazon S3 bucket, but that still required a locally managed audio player, which became cumbersome when we wanted to make his site responsive.

We finally landed on a solution; Soundcloud. With unlimited storage of audio files, an easy to use interface for Scott's team to upload and manage the files, and a javascript player that is also responsive, it was the best solution for Scott's needs.

YouTube module

Along with his radio appearances, Scott's TV spots also increased. Storing and serving the videos from Youtube was a no brainer, but we wanted to also make these videos available from the website.

However we couldn't find a responsive and easy to use Youtube module built for DNN - so we built one.

The module can connect directly to a playlist or channel and retrieve all the videos. Then it displays the latest video in the large player, while the remaining videos are shown as thumbnails below.

The module is 100% responsive and works well on mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Best all of, all Scott's team needs to do is add the video to Youtube and it appears on the Finance Guru site automatically.

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