A responsive website built in DNN with custom authentication modules

Project overview

The VACC has used DNN for their flagship site for many years.

As part of a recent rebuild VACC required that their custom authentication system be upgraded to work with the latest version of Microsoft .NET.

This task fell to Intuitive IT. By using the existing source code, we were able to upgrade the functionality of the login and profile management as well as maintain the connection to their 3rd party security database.

However, more recently, as the VACC moved their technology stack to the cloud, Intuitive IT was called upon to create the very first DNN to Azure B2C authentication module.

B2C Authentication to Azure

Azure B2C is Microsoft's cloud based Identity Managment (IM) tool. While standard Azure AD authentication is straight forward to integrate with DNN, B2C is more complicated.

B2C is used to store and manage VACC member credentials securely within the Microsoft Stack.

With limited documentation and examples available, our developers worked tirelessly to develop the authentication module.

In addition, the module also recognises when VACC staff login to the site as opposed to VACC members.

Finally group members stored in B2C can be mapped to DNN security roles to provide permissions from a central location. 


Proprietary authentication module

As mentioned above, before the VACC moved to Azure B2C authentication, member logins were stored and used from a proprietary database housed within the VACC data centre.

Previously written in Microsoft .NET 2, the code base needed to be upgraded and tested for use with .NET 4.

Intuitive IT, having written other custom authentication modules, took the task on to upgrade the code.


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